The KVIC has broadly re-grouped various village Industries unde rseven heads for the purpose of implementation of its programmes. The list of industries including the newly added ones is as under.

Mineral Based Industry

  1. Pottery
  2. Lime

Agro Based & Food Processing Industry (ABFPI)

  1. Pulses & Cereals Processing Industry
  2. Gur & Khandsari Industry
  3. Palmgur Industry
  4. Fruit & Vegetable Processing Industry
  5. Village Oil Industry

Polymer & Chemical Based Industry (PCBI)

  1. Leather Industry
  2. Non Edible Oils & Soap Industry
  3. Cottage Match Industry
  4. Plastic Industry

Forest Based Industry (FBI)

  1. Medicinal Plants Industry
  2. Bee Keeping Industry
  3. Minor Forest Based Industries

Hand Made Paper & Fibre Industry (HMPFI)

  1. Hand Made Paper Industry
  2. Fibre Industry

Rural Engineering & Bio Technology Industry (REBTI)

  1. Non Conventional Energy
  2. Carpentry & Blacksmithy
  3. Electronics

SEP/Service Industry

  1. V. I. Co-ordination